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How Room Modes Affect Acoustic Foam Placement in Your Home Studio

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In the past, we’ve presented using sound proofing foam or acoustic foam as a way to improve the quality of music recordings. If you’re convinced of acoustic foam’s value, the next step is to install acoustic foam panels in your recording room. However, installing acoustic foam is not just a matter of placing panels wherever you want. There are tricks for maximizing the effectiveness of your acoustic foam and achieving the best possible sound.

One way to increase acoustic foam’s effectiveness is by calculating room modes and placing your acoustic foam in the most affected areas. Room modes are a collection of resonances caused by a room’s shape and dimensions. In other words, certain sound wave frequencies are more resonant because of the unique way a room’s walls reflect sound waves. There are three major room mode types: axial, tangential, and oblique. Axial modes involve reflections off two opposing surfaces, tangential modes involve four surfaces, and oblique modes involve reflections off all six room surfaces.

You can calculate room modes with the help of an expert or by using special room mode calculators. After calculating room modes, you’ll have a better understanding of how sound waves are reflected in your studio. You can then use this information to determine the optimal placement for your acoustic foam panels and corner bass blockers. You’ll also need to take the position of your speakers or microphone into account when considering acoustic foam placement.

All room modes encourage large amounts of sound waves to build up in the corners. This is why corner bass absorbers are crucial for treating them. At The Foam Factory, you’ll find a great selection of acoustic foam products, including bass and broadband absorbers, acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound barriers, and even foam isolation wedges for your speakers and monitors. You can also find other great foam products such as mattresses, cushions, and packaging foam. You can choose from several standard product sizes, but you can also order custom-cut acoustic foam products. Contact The Foam Factory today to discuss custom orders at 586-627-3626 or by email at info@foambymail.com.