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When is It Time for a New Mattress?

Summary: A new mattress can be an expensive investment, but also a worthwhile one.

After years of use, it might be time to part ways with your old mattress. Depending on the state of your current one, a mattress replacement should be considered at some point in time. Like with everything in your household, nothing lasts forever. And, with sleep being one of the most important parts of your day, you might want to take the time to check the current state of your mattress.

Check for Indentations

The first thing you’ll need to check is whether your mattress is starting to sink in. This is often due to extensive pressure coming from your body in the same area. If you’re using a spring-loaded mattress, daily use will eventually lead to the springs folding or the foam morphing out of shape. If this happens, you’ll likely start feeling it in your body and it’ll definitely affect your sleep.

Dirt and Dander Build-Up

Another thing you need to consider is the overall cleanliness of your mattress. Sure, you might be able to squeeze another year out of it by cleaning it on a regular basis, but over time pet hair, dander, and even little bugs can be trapped inside your mattress, leaving behind a hub of bacteria and filth. Moreover, it won’t just be a filthy place to sleep, but also something that can affect your allergies if you do have some.

Consider purchasing a new mattress immediately if you find any traces of bed bugs or excrement from these critters as it’s extremely difficult to clean every part of your mattress. The Foam Factory recommends checking your mattress every season to ensure that it isn’t turning into a hub for bugs.