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Simple tips on how to replace a mailbox

Article by Quick Home Tips

Is your mailbox broken, old or weathered and you need to replace it? Fortunately, with a little bit of knowledge, and some elbow grease, you can do it yourself. Think of it as a fun project that would take a few hours. You can replace it with a new one from California Mailboxes in a just a few steps:

Purchasing a new mailbox

You can buy a replacement box which meets the federal requirements from a home improvement store or specialty mailbox store online. Also, you can search from big retailers online who can deliver it to your home. In case you reside in homeowner association areas, then you need to ensure that you pick a replacement mailbox that meets the group’s requirements, i.e., color and shape. You can get any mailbox online, even column mailboxes.

Replacing the mailbox

When installing your mailbox, you need to ensure that you meet the federal height regulations. Most mailboxes need to sit at the height of 42 inches from the ground. You need to ensure that you mail post is at least 60 inches long since you will need to bury almost 20 inches below the ground for stability. In case your mail post is extra-long you will have to cut it down to the required height. If it is too short, you will need to visit the store and by a new one.

Installing the post

The next step is to dig a hole. Ensure that the hole is of proper depth. Then fill it with quick-setting concrete and gravel. Then insert the pole. Remember to measure and ensure that its height is the required 42 inches long.

Mounting the mailbox

Once the concrete sets and the post is firmly secure, you can mount the mailbox. Always use the mounting bracket that comes with the mailbox.